Learning About Skin Care with Real Skin Studio

We recently sat down with Ali Spatz of Real Skin Studio to learn more about their company and to get expert advice on how to protect your skin, especially in the summer months.


About Real Skin Studio

Real Skin Studio is another business located in downtown Highland Park, in the Sola Salon Studios. They offer a wide variety of customized spa facials and clinical treatments. No matter what type of treatment, Ali is a results driven skin care practitioner. She specializes in anti-aging, acne and pigmentation treatments.


Protect Your Skin from Summer Sun

The weather is starting to warm up, and Summer will be officially here before we know it. We were able to ask Ali about sunscreen recommendations and she provided some helpful tips. She suggested mineral sunscreens over chemical sunscreens because they work immediately and are more friendly to the skin and the environment. When it comes to the amount of sunscreen to use, Ali says most adults need to apply a full shot glass worth or else they aren’t using enough to properly protect themselves.


Downtown Highland Park

It was great getting to talk to Real Skin Studio, another small business who calls downtown Highland Park their home. Thank you Ali for your time! Freedom Home Care takes pride in Highland Park, a great community full of great people and great small businesses. If you are searching for a home care agency in Highland Park, be sure to stop by our office on Green Bay Road or give us a call!