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Tips and Exercises to Improve Posture as We Age

Maintaining good posture is essential for overall health and well-being, especially as we age. People lose about half an inch of height every 10 years from their peak height on average. This becomes truer after age 70. While aging is normal, poor posture can lead to various musculoskeletal issues, affecting our flexibility, balance, and even our breathing. To help keep your body aligned and how to improve posture in old age, we’ve gathered some of the following valuable tips from Jamie Lens, a local physical therapist. Let’s dive into some practical advice that can make a significant difference in your
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What is Frontotemporal Dementia? All About Bruce Willis’ FTD Diagnosis

Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) is a complex neurodegenerative disorder that affects the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, leading to personality changes, behavior disturbances, and language difficulties. Recently, actor Bruce Willis made headlines when it was revealed that he has been diagnosed with FTD. In this blog, we will delve into what FTD is, how it’s diagnosed, and the steps to take when someone is diagnosed with this condition.   What is Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD)? FTD is a progressive brain disorder that primarily affects the ability to communicate. Recently, the actor Bruce Willis was diagnosed with it and stepped away
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Meet Our Newest Employee: Abby Fawks

Freedom Home Care is always looking for more skilled and passionate people to add to our team. Our office staff and health workers are always there to help with your in-home care needs! Last month, we introduced you to three new team members. This month, we have another we’d like you to meet.   Welcome Abby Please join us in welcoming Abby Fawks to the Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing team. Abby is working in our Medical Records Department and we are thrilled to have her! Abby graduated from Truman State University and decided to advance her education by
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