Freedom Home Care’s 2023 Caregiver of the Year: Joy Best

It’s always tough to choose a single caregiver of the year out of our many compassionate and dedicated caregivers. This year Joy was nominated for that title from many of her peers and clients. So we’d like to introduce you to our 2023 Caregiver of the Year: Joy Best! We were able to chat with Joy to learn more about her and her passion for caregiving.


Caregiver of the Year Q&A

Q: I’m here with caregiver of the year, Joy Best today from Freedom Home Care and she was nominated caregiver of the year. We are so excited! One of the things that got you nominated was a recent client you had recognized you. You are so attentive to your clients that you actually saved him from an emergency and wow, what an honor? What would you say is your tactic?

A: You know, when you’ve been doing this type of work for the amount of years you’re doing it, you realize you see the signs and I love to take care of my clients. I come right in and it’s good morning and I try to assess them. See what’s going on with them for the day. I just enjoy being with them and I think they pick up on that. I think that’s basically what it is and I like to listen to them. I like to see a smile on your face and you know that just sets it up for the day. And this was a particular day that I saw the signs of something that could have, you know, gotten worse and you help to prevent it.

Q: Thank you. That’s the perfect reason why you should be nominated for something like that. Your hard work is being noticed and you were telling me what made you want to start to be a caregiver. So what did you do as a little girl?

A: Yes. As a child I was the only child that was in the house with the grandmas or the aunts and learning how to cook or just talking with them. It was so enjoyable. I had no interest in playing with all the children or being outside with the kids playing and you know, just all the folly. I wanted to be inside getting their wisdom and learning from them.

Freedom Home Care Caregivers

We want to thank Joy Best for her hard work. And thank you to all of our other certified caregivers serving families across Chicagoland. You all deserve recognition for the amazing work you do and the connections you create with your clients. Get in touch using our contact page if you or a loved one are seeking a premier caregiver like Joy in your life.