October Staff Member of the Month: Lauriann Mosillami

As we step into the vibrant colors of autumn, Freedom Home Care is delighted to shine the spotlight on our October Staff Member of the Month, Lauriann Mosillami. Lauriann is a valued member of our Finance Department, where she serves as a dedicated Staff Accountant. Her journey to this role is nothing short of inspiring, and her commitment to both her work and her family is truly commendable.

Lauriann’s Journey

Lauriann’s story is one of resilience and determination. A native of Morton Grove, she embarked on her career path after graduating from Niles West High School. She pursued her passion for Child Development and Family Services at the University of Wisconsin, earning her bachelor’s degree. Following her education, Lauriann worked in a group home, providing care and support to those in need.

However, it was a pivotal moment in her career when she transitioned to an insurance broker’s office. For 16 years, she not only managed the office but also took on the role of bookkeeper, handling all aspects of QuickBooks. This experience ignited her love for numbers and the world of accounting, setting her on a new professional path.

In her personal life, Lauriann shared 30 wonderful years of marriage with her beloved husband, Sam. Together, they raised two incredible daughters, Jenna and Carissa. Jenna now serves as a corporate trainer for Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, while Carissa is a devoted kindergarten teacher. Tragically, Lauriann’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband, Sam, fell seriously ill and passed away. She faced this immense challenge with remarkable strength, navigating the complexities of life without him.

            Jenna and Carissa               Sam             Jenna, Carissa, and Lauriann

Lauriann’s journey through loss taught her the profound importance of cherishing each day and making the most of every moment. It’s no surprise that she found her place in our office, where she contributes to helping the elderly live their best lives.

In addition to her daughters, Lauriann shares her home with three furry companions: Eddie, a 14-year-old orange tabby; Gavroche, a 3-year-old cat resembling a Double Stuffed Oreo; and Javert, a 2-year-old cat with the appearance of Oreo Thins. Together, they create a warm and loving environment in their Buffalo Grove residence.

Eddie, Gavroche, and Javert

Congratulations on One Year with Freedom!

As Lauriann celebrates her one-year work anniversary with Freedom Home Care, we want to express our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude. We are honored that she chose to join our team, and her dedication and positive spirit have made a significant impact on our Finance Department and the entire organization.

Lauriann’s journey reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of finding purpose in our work. We are proud to have her as a member of the Freedom Home Care family, and we look forward to many more years of success and collaboration.

Join us in celebrating Lauriann Mosillami, our October Staff Member of the Month! Her story inspires us all to embrace each day with gratitude and determination. Thank you, Lauriann, for your outstanding contributions to our team and the compassionate care you provide to our clients.