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Meet Freedom Home Care’s Heroes of February!

Meet Lee Austin After 20 years in hotel management, Lee Austin’s career got cut short when her father had a stroke. She spent the next five years attending to his needs and became a self-taught caregiver, reading everything available to educate her all about caregiving. Her personal experience landed her a live-in caregiving job, where she spent 15 years. Then, when her kids started having babies, she went back home to care for her seven grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. “I am a people person and always want to help others,” says Lee. “I love keeping busy and they put
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7 Ways to Thank Your Caregiver for Everything They Do

If you have a caregiver that takes care of you or a loved one, they work tirelessly to help your family. They put you or your family member before themselves. It can be a great idea to thank them for all they do. If you are looking for some ways to thank your caregiver, you can check out some ideas below. Ways to Thank Your Caregiver Thank You Notes – Something as simple as a handwritten thank you note can show your appreciation for all that your caregiver does for you or your loved one. Share a Laugh Together –
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