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Handling the Stress of a New Baby

There’s nothing more magical than the birth of a new baby. First time parents often experience a myriad of emotions all while celebrating the arrival of their little bundle of joy. And with of all of the responsibilities that come with newborn care, it’s normal for parents feel the stress of the task at hand. FHC came up with a few ways to help moms and dads juggle everything from feedings and changings to relaxing and sleeping, while still experiencing the fulfillment that goes along with parenting. Decide How To Tackle Each Task – Who will get up at night
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Research reveals that Alzheimer’s treatments should come much earlier

Earlier this month, we here at Freedom Home Care posted a blog about what to expect from a cognition assessment performed by a physician. We mentioned that failing memory can be a typical part of the aging process, but we also made note that it can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. Assessing that risk early on is now more important than ever, according to the National Public Radio. In a recent article, the editors at NPR said that treatments have actually shown positive results when administered long before the signs of Alzheimer’s emerge. “Once you start to lose a
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When things don’t work out with your in-home caregiver

In a previous blog post, we here at Freedom Home Care discussed a few methods for forging a good relationship with a new in-home caregiver. Although the recommended tips, care of Scott Stafne of the Scott Stafne ALS Research Fund, can be incredibly beneficial during the initial stages of a new caregiver relationship, they’re not always fool proof. Some situations don’t end up panning out, and in those unfortunate instances, Stafne’s group again stepped up. “Sometimes discussing the issues isn’t enough to fix what isn’t working and you will have to terminate the worker,” the editors there explained. “If you’ve
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