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Caregiving App Helps Families Communicate Better About Care

Technology has been rapidly evolving and improving the ways we are able to communicate. Now with society coping with challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, communication between families near and far is more important than ever. For those who have a loved one needing special care, a new app is launching that can help streamline things. Carely is a caregiving app that allows you and the people in your “Care Feed” to communicate your loved ones needs, everyday routines, and organize events and appointments all in one place. It makes communicating with your family and the caregiver easier when
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Freedom Home Care offers relief to family caregivers

The responsibility of caring for an aging loved one can weigh heavily on a family member. Often times, these caregivers hold full-time jobs on top of the full-time obligation that comes with providing support to those who can no longer care for themselves. And as many know, this type of situation can produce a large amount of stress. No matter the factors, stress is a powerful force that can wreak havoc on the body and mind if not tended to properly. Although it may sound implausible, taking a break from caregiving is essential to alleviate growing strains on a person’s
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