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What FHC is Doing to Keep Our Patients Safe

At Freedom Home Care, nothing is more important than keeping our patients safe, especially during the pandemic. We provide a high-quality of care that patients and their loved ones trust. Because our trust is based on transparency, we believe it’s critical to share what we are doing to keep your loved ones safe. Our registered nurses and CNA’s are staying up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 news and protocols, as well as how to care and treat patients who might be diagnosed with COVID-19. At Freedom Home Care we are: Completing risk assessments on our staff to help in determining risk
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How to Disinfect Your Home

During these uncertain times, we are continuously reminded of the importance of keeping both ourselves and our surroundings clean and disinfected. Did you know cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing? When you clean, you are removing the dirt and germs from a surface, usually using just soap. When you disinfect a surface, you are killing the pathogens, often done using specific chemicals. Disinfecting is more important than ever, because many of the viruses that make us sick, including COVID-19, are transmitted person-to-person from shared contact with objects and surfaces. How to Disinfect: Clean -The first step to disinfecting
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