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What FHC is Doing to Keep Our Patients Safe

At Freedom Home Care, nothing is more important than keeping our patients safe, especially during the pandemic. We provide a high-quality of care that patients and their loved ones trust. Because our trust is based on transparency, we believe it’s critical to share what we are doing to keep your loved ones safe. Our registered nurses and CNA’s are staying up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 news and protocols, as well as how to care and treat patients who might be diagnosed with COVID-19. At Freedom Home Care we are: Completing risk assessments on our staff to help in determining risk
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Tips for Feeling Safe When Visiting Businesses as Illinois Enters Phase 3

As Illinois makes its way into phase three of re-opening the state, there are some important tips on how to prevent you and your loved ones from getting sick when going to newly re-opened businesses, restaurants, and stores. We at Freedom Home Care have listed ways you can feel safe when traveling outside. Check it out below! What you need to know before going out: Stay at home if you are feeling sick or have a high temperature Wear a cloth face covering when going inside establishments or running errands Use social distancing by staying at least 6-feet away from
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Are Alzheimer’s and COVID-19 Linked?

With the recent spread of COVID-19, people are starting to ask, is the Alzheimer’s gene tied to a higher risk of getting coronavirus? Our staff at Freedom Home Care has looked into studies discussing it. From the studies that have been conducted, here is what doctors and universities have to say. The APOE ε4 gene variant that gives people a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s has been found to link to COVID-19. A study showed that carrying two copies of the variant, APOE4, could make people two times as likely to develop a severe form of the disease, same which
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