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Financial Tips for Caregivers

As more and more loved ones begin to reach their Golden Years, the number of caregivers needed to provide support for them continues to decline, according to And today, many Baby boomers are finding their roles changing faster than ever before. Statistics show that more than 25 percent of boomers in the U.S. are making the transition from child to caregiver and may not be fully prepared for the change. Maybe an older loved ones has been diagnosed with a long-term condition like Parkinson’s or dementia. Maybe they’ve had surgery or are facing a major life change and have to rely on the
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How to Handle Bill Paying as a Caregiver

Caring for an older loved one with dementia can sometimes be difficult. But what makes it even more challenging is deciding who will handle the responsibility of your senior’s financial obligations when they’re no longer able to do it themselves. FHC searched and found advice that suggests that starting the financial planning process early not only helps alleviate more stress and fear, but also allows older loved ones the chance to participate in the decision-making at an earlier stage in their diagnosis. Organizations like that are advocates in the fight against Alzheimer’s, recommend first creating a long-term budget. They
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Tips To Prevent Identity Theft for Seniors

Identity theft. It’s something most people think could never happen to them. Until it actually happens. According to nationwide surveys we’ve come across at Freedom Home Care nationwide, 26 percent of Americans have been the victim of telemarketing schemes in their lifetime. Nearly 57 percent of people over 50 years of age lose $40 billion to telemarketing fraud each year, and baby boomers are the main target for criminals who commit investment fraud. Experian Credit Bureau says reports of identity theft involving tax returns and medical care are the fastest growing cases in America. Unfortunately, individuals who defraud unsuspecting seniors
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