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What You Need to Know About Long Distance Caregiving

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. And in terms of helping out a family member or friend in need, distance can also make caregiving seem more difficult. In a perfect world, we’d be able to instantly be there for a loved one in their time of need. However, location, work, finances, and a number of other factors can often prevent that from happening. The good news? There’s still so much you can do from far away. If you’re new to long distance caregiving, we’re sharing our insights into how you can best support your loved one even from a distance.
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What to Look for When Choosing the Right Senior Care

Choosing a home care agency that you are confident in providing quality care for a loved one does not have to be a daunting task. It may involve an assessment of needs, compatibility check, informal interviews, calls and meetings. But searching for the right senior care agency will ultimately benefit both you and your loved one, as they will provide meaningful support that helps both parties enjoy life and relax a little more. Just remind yourself of this anytime the search feels overwhelming.   When you start the search for a care agency, here are a few things to consider
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