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The 4 Benefits to Using Music Therapy

Music has the ability to bring happiness to everyone no matter their age. The young and the elders can benefit from using music therapy to provide comfort. We here at Freedom Home Care have put together a list of how music therapy and alternative therapy can help your loved one.   Leading us off at number one is reduction of stress. By using music therapy and frequently listening to music, you can help deal with the stress and tension life brings. Choosing music that is more relaxed can reduce high heart rates and calm your loved one- helping to make
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Alzheimer’s and Stroke Rehabilitation Patients Benefit from Music Therapy

No one really knows how the brain and body process music. It’s a phenomenon that has remained a mystery for many years. But what doctors have discovered is that music is processed on many levels and with almost every part of our brain. Music therapy is a ritual that was used thousands of year ago when its healing affects were thought to positively influence health and behavior. After the war, musicians would travel around the country to hospitals playing music for veterans who suffered from war trauma. Doctors recognized a noticeable physical and emotional response to the music from their
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