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Care Tips for Keeping Track of Medications

The number of older Americans taking prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication is expected to rise significantly within the next few years. The food and Drug Administration reports that seniors purchase more than 30 percent of all prescription medication in the U.S; and the same age group also purchases over 40 percent of over-the-counter medications. Statistics show that about 90 percent of seniors take some form of medication – many of whom consume four to five different types each day. With the increase in consumption of medication, it’s now more important than ever for seniors to keep track of what they
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Prescription Medications Can Effect Your Ability to Drive

  At some point in their lives, nearly every American will have taken some form of prescription medication. The statistics increase with age, as seniors between 65-79 are given more than 27 prescriptions each year. And according to The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, many take five or more different types of medications a day. For millions of Americans, taking prescriptions in order to treat temporary or chronic health conditions, is a fact of life. But when consuming these medications before driving, the results can be potentially dangerous. And depending on the type and dose, once in your system, they
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