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Stay Safe and Beat The Heat This Summer

According to almost 400 people die each year from overexposure to heat – most of which are seniors. That’s why it’s important that your loved one takes extra precautions to avoid the risk of developing heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Here are a few tips Freedom Home Care found that could be helpful. Know Your Body Knowing the different changes that occur in the body as we age is the first step to preventing heat-related illness or death. When the temperature in the body changes, many times its hard for some older loved ones to tell whether they’re too
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5 Ways to Avoid Joint Pain While Gardening

  With warm, sunny days ahead, there are so many great fun ways to enjoy the outside of the Chicagoland Area. Especially as seniors, the fresh air can break up a monotonous day inside and boost energy and happiness levels. Just being outside and breathing that fresh air can help brighten your day! So what’s one of our favorite outside activities? Gardening. Whether it’s growing vegetables or flowers, gardening can be a great way to keep active and remain healthy as a senior. However, those repetitive actions and staying hunched over for an afternoon can put a strain on your
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