Study: When is it Too Late to Begin an Exercise Routine?

senior exerciseA recent study was conducted to answer the question, “When is it too late to benefit from an exercise program?”  And what was the answer they found?  It’s never too late.
This study, lasting three years, targeted seniors aged 70-89 who were inactive and not in the best of health.  All participants were enrolled in a moderate weekly aerobics, balance, and stretching program. Their progress was closely followed.
What researchers found was that the seniors who participated in the exercise program were 28% less likely to develop a persistent mobility problem compared to inactive seniors.  Not only that, but several of the participants saw great improvements in their health.  Some needed to take less medication, while others were able to move without pain for the first time in years.  Overall, the results were very encouraging for seniors to begin an exercise program now, no matter their age.
If a senior in your life is interested in becoming more active, the first step would be to visit their physician.  The physician will be able to recommend types of exercise that will best suit your loved one. Another great idea would be to meet with a physical therapist or personal trainer specialized in getting seniors more active.  With the right support, the senior will be able to safely and effectively arrive at an exercise plan and schedule that will work best.
Once the plan is in place, encourage the senior in your life to keep at it.  Keep your senior loved one motivated by volunteering to join them.  Celebrate small goals achieved to meet the motivation going for both of you!
Offer to go on an evening walk, or be daring and do some gentle senior-friendly yoga.  Not only will you be helping your elderly loved one’s health, you’ll be boosting your own as well.  After all, it is never too late (or early!) to get started down the road to a healthier life.
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