Seniors Get Better Sleep With Mindful Meditation

This month is national sleep awareness month, and senior adults need just as much sleep as young adults, maybe even more. But here at Freedom Home Care however, we often see that many older adults don’t get nearly as much sleep as they should. That’s often because medication side effects, general anxiety, and other health issues can keep seniors awake or otherwise leave keep them from having restful and rejuvenating night even if they do get to sleep.
There are many methods that can be tried to get back to a normal sleep cycle, but one particular method is starting to gain popularity with seniors.
Mindful meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries, but is often overlooked as an alternative to improving your sleep.  People who actively seek holistic treatments to various ailments will often hear of different forms of meditation, including mindful meditation.  Though it may be difficult to adapt to for those who haven’t considered it before, it is a very low risk change in routine that can make an enormous impact on a person’s life, especially seniors.
Mindful meditation is something that is best started with the help of an instructor.  The basic premise is simple: you only need quiet and concentration.  Many people have an area that they feel is comfortable and can spend several minutes being still and quiet.  This type of meditation is commonly practiced by a person sitting on a cushion in the lotus position, but the exercise can be performed in any comfortable position you choose.
The idea is to concentrate on some part of your body, such as your stomach contracting while you breathe, or maybe focus on the air moving in and out of your lungs. The part of your body that you pick doesn’t matter, simply concentrating on one singular thing for several minutes relaxes the body and empties the mind of outside influences. It takes a lot of practice to refocus on your breathing when your mind starts to wander, so it is suggested to start with small sets of several minutes at a time. However the benefits of this practice have been observed in all age groups, including seniors.  By simply taking the time to focus on relaxing makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep a person gets.
You’re never too old to improve your sleep, and it could be the healthiest decision you ever make.  A rested mind and body leaves the door open for more energetic days! Contact us at Freedom Home Care today to learn more about other ways to sleep better, or take a look at the home care services we offer, and let us give you all the support you need.