National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Freedom Home Care knows that our clients are the heart of our organization, and we want to make sure that they are getting the best of care in every aspect of their life. Many of our clients are under the care of multiple physicians and visit many medical facilities, and Patient Safety Awareness Week is an opportunity for all human care organizations to take time and reevaluate their patient-relationship practices and improve on their safety skills.
The theme this year is “Unity in Safety” and emphasizes how everyone in health care is responsible for a patient’s safe care. This includes everyone who physically sees the patient all the way, to the ones that handle the patient’s paperwork. The theme circles the idea that everyone needs to work together in order to provide the best in patient safety and care.
The National Patient Safety Foundation holds forums and congresses every year to promote awareness of general patient safety, offer materials to help individual patient service offices better their safety skills, and give people a chance to hear from experts in the field on the latest developments and issues in patient safety.
The National Patient Safety Foundation also provides educational materials for businesses and organizations everywhere to improve their safety skills. The checklist for staff includes a series of podcasts and webcasts about improving patient care and encouragement for staff involvement and recognition of exceptional members of the staff that show leadership in patient safety.
The NPSF also promotes involving families in discussion of patient safety by distributing Patient Safety Awareness Week promotional products, inviting the patients and families into meetings about safety, as well as including local news agencies to also recognize the steps the organization is taking in order to improve the quality of patient care.
Unfortunately, there are far too many organizations where meaningful patient and family involvement is rare. The National Patient Safety Foundation strives to not only recognize those organizations and individuals that are the role models in compassion and patient safety, but also to do as much as possible to make sure all organizations give their best effort in that area.
You may see many logos in your health care office about the Patient Safety Awareness Week and if you do, know that your health care facility is focused on improving themselves to give you the best care possible. And at Freedom Home Care, that’s always our number one priority. Take a look at our in home care services, and let us know how we can help you.