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Health Benefits of Houseplants

  Are you looking to improve your health and happiness for 2020? Well, you can in so many ways, one simple and fun way to do so is with houseplants. You can add more indoor plants to your home and it can benefit your health. Learn more about this below. • Boost Mood – Humans have a connection to nature and nature calms us, so bringing plants indoors can help boost a person’s mood. Plants indoors also help increase oxygen levels, regulate humidity, and make people feel calmer. All of this can lead to a heightened mood. • Reduce Stress
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Freedom Home Care’s Medical Staffing Services

You may have seen Freedom Home Care services advertised in the Chicago area. Freedom Home Care Highland Park provides many different in-home senior care services to give those that you love a little bit of extra help. However, you might not know that Freedom Home Care also has medical staffing services. Learn more about these medical staffing services below. Medical Staffing Services The medical staffing service at Freedom Home Care is separate from their other senior-care services. This medical staffing service is to help your hospital or doctor’s office get some extra medical staff if you happen to have a
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Best New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Many people choose to make a New Year’s resolution every year, but they often struggle to see those resolutions through. That is why we have come up with some realistic New Year’s resolutions for seniors so that they can set resolutions that are attainable. • Update Your Legal Documents – Updating wills, power of attorney documents and prenups is something that people often put off. You don’t need them until you need them, and you may not know when that is going to be, so it is easy to put off. It would be a great New Year’s resolution to
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