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How Yoga Can Benefit Seniors

Incorporating physical activity into our daily routine can be very beneficial, especially for seniors! Even a small physical task to get your heart pumping can provide tremendous benefits. Check out Freedom Home Care’s list on the benefits of yoga below. Yoga for Seniors For most seniors, yoga may sound intimidating. The poses and stretches may be too much for any senior to handle. However, yoga can be personalized to still allow for a beneficial physical activity without the fear of getting injured. Simple yoga poses seniors can try include child’s pose, tree pose, warrior ll and more that you can
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Healthy Eating And The Local Farmer’s Market

Whether you are growing nutritious meals directly from your own garden or picking up from a local farmer’s market now is the perfect time to enjoy a fresh meal. Eating a well-balanced diet is an important part of staying healthy as you age. And enjoying fresh, organic-grown fruits and vegetables is a great start! Check out how we at Freedom Home Care recommend starting a healthy diet and why you should visit the Ravinia farmer’s market below. Healthy Eating Supports Health & Wellness Eating healthy does not need to be a difficult task this year. The unprecedented Coronavirus caused many
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