How Yoga Can Benefit Seniors

Incorporating physical activity into our daily routine can be very beneficial, especially for seniors! Even a small physical task to get your heart pumping can provide tremendous benefits. Check out Freedom Home Care’s list on the benefits of yoga below.

Yoga for Seniors

For most seniors, yoga may sound intimidating. The poses and stretches may be too much for any senior to handle. However, yoga can be personalized to still allow for a beneficial physical activity without the fear of getting injured. Simple yoga poses seniors can try include child’s pose, tree pose, warrior ll and more that you can view here.

Yoga Can Strengthen Bones and Promote Muscle Strength

Any standing pose can help to improve bone density. As a result, many simple yoga poses can provide physical health benefits without being complicated. Yoga helps to work every muscle in your body to promote muscle relaxation and bone growth to prevent such diseases such as Osteoporosis. Yoga also improves balance and flexibility, which can prevent falls and therefore prevent fractures. The slow, measured movements involved with yoga poses are what help balance and movement.

Stress Reducer

While it may be stressful for seniors unable to function as they used to, yoga is a great method for any senior to try to promote wellness and still feel physically active. When seniors practice yoga, it can create a sense of connectedness and a feeling of empowerment. The balance exercises for seniors that yoga promotes can also help improve sleep quality.

Alleviates Body Aches

Aches and pains can be common amongst seniors, especially those suffering from joint pain and inflammation. Stretching and breathing through the movements can provide a great way to relax the body to help subside common body aches.

Yoga may seem daunting, but there are many beginner classes that are offered to help you or your senior loved one get started. If you are looking for other activities for seniors or homecare where active senior living is possible, then look no further than Freedom Home Care Highland Park. Trustworthy at home healthcare may be hard to find, but at Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing, we strive to create a trusting environment for our clients while embracing the freedom of being at home. For elderly homecare or to learn more about the benefits of yoga, contact us today.