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Why Our Caregivers Love Freedom Home Care

Caregivers at Freedom Home Care are Essential Here at Freedom Home Care, caregivers are not only needed now more than ever, but they are dedicated to making the lives of all clients comfortable and happy. Great care starts with the employees here at FHC. Furthermore, we offer great benefits and experiences to all of our caregivers. FHC is truly a family environment. Caregivers are treated well as FHC employees and it rings true in each of their individual experiences.   First-Hand Caregiver Love for Freedom Home Care Several caregivers and staff members said they love FHC for the “variety of
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National Blood Donor Month

What is National Blood Donor Month? January is National Blood Donor Month, which is a month dedicated to the lifesaving impact of blood and platelet donors. This celebration has taken place each January for nearly 50 years and happens to coincide with one of the most difficult times to maintain sufficient blood supplies for patients. National Blood Donor Month takes place in January because it is a typical period of critical blood shortages. People usually stop donating blood around the holidays and due to winter sicknesses. Not only are voluntary blood donors honored, but also people are encouraged to give
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