What Makes Our Caregivers Qualified?

The Demand for Caregivers is Only Going Up

Navigating the arena of hiring a caregiver is overwhelming, especially when the demand for caregivers is only going up. People turning 65 today have an almost 70 percent chance of needing some type of long-term care services or support in their remaining years, and 1 in 5 will need such care for more than five years (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Life expectancy is also only going up so knowing when and how to make the transition to getting a caregiver can be hard to know.


When to Consider Getting a Health Care Worker

Consider in home care if some of the following starts to happen with a loved one’s life:

  • Leaving the stove on
  • Wandering away from home
  • Not eating regularly or nutritiously
  • Not bathing regularly
  • Falling frequently
  • Not driving safely
  • Not preparing simple meals

These are just a few external signs that a loved one is no longer able to care for themselves. Every situation is unique, but when the time comes when they are no longer safe by themselves, then it is time to consider in home care or personalized elder care.


What a Caregiver is Prepared For

A caregiver might live with the care recipient or work regular shifts. At Freedom Home Care, caregivers provide personalized care whether at a family home, at a care or recovery facility, or wherever your loved one might be. Caregivers are prepared to assist with activities of daily living, from bathing, to eating, to grocery shopping. They are also equipped to check vital signs and monitor a client’s physical and mental condition. Caregivers are prepared to handle emergencies that may occur, such as, accidents, heart attacks, or strokes.


What Makes a Caregiver at Freedom Home Care Qualified?

Freedom Home Care ensures that all caregivers are certified caregivers. This means that depending on the type of caregiver that is right for your needs, they will have obtained the appropriate nursing requirements, licenses, and/or credentials. Caregivers are selected after passing an extensive screening process, including credentials verification, criminal background, and reference checks. Furthermore, all FHC and medical staffing caregivers are bonded, insured, and committed to the values of integrity, compassion, and respect for your loved ones. FHC expert caregivers are available 24/7. While it may or may not be time to consider removing a loved one from their home environment, FHC will work with you on personalized home care services.


Freedom Home Care Workers are Experienced and Ready to Help

There were nearly 3.5 million home health aides and personal care aides working nationwide in May 2020, up from 3.3 million two years earlier (Bureau of Labor Statistics). There are more caregivers available than ever passionate about helping your loved ones. Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing is a leader at the forefront of in-home senior care that offers personalized, affordable, and reliable caregiver services for all of Chicagoland,  this includes GrayslakeHinsdaleLake Forest, Northbrook, and Highland Park.