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Shows Seniors Can Enjoy at Home During COVID-19

The past few months of staying in quarantine has really given people the opportunity to try new things. With limited activities, many people have started watching television shows that they might not have considered before. Are you looking for something new to watch while at home during the pandemic? Check out our list of shows we recommend trying – new programs and potentially old favorites from all of us at Freedom Home Care! Cheers! This show takes place almost exclusively in a small basement bar. While it might not seem like the ideal show to binge watch while trapped inside
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Laughter Turns Out to Be the Best Form of Medicine

Trying to relief stress is no joke- especially when you are dealing with a lot. When it comes to trying to relieve stress, the more giggles and laughter the better. Doctors at Mayo Clinic have conducted studies on why laughter is good for stress relief. Find out more from us at Freedom Home Care! Stress Relief from Laughter While laughter alone can’t solve stress, there are a lot of positive things laughter can do for your stress both long and short term. A good laugh has excellent short-term effects on your mind and body. As you begin to laugh, not
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A Laugh a Day Keeps Caregiving Stress Away!

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. But how often do we actually enjoy a proper belly-aching laugh with our caregivers? For many people, when caring for aging loved ones, we sometimes forgo setting time aside to go out with friends, have a good laugh and simply enjoy ourselves. But according to doctors, a chuckle a day, can actually keep stress at bay. It may seem like a small gesture, but if done on a routine basis, laughter has been shown to have positive results on one’s overall health and well-being. Below, Freedom Home Care lists a few
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