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5 Ways to Entertain Your Senior Loved One

Your senior loved one may be getting impatient indoors. If you are looking for ideas to keep your loved one busy, we have 5 great tips to help provide entertainment for seniors. Check out our entertainment ideas for seniors below. Entertainment Ideas: Spend Time Outdoors With nicer weather finally here, there’s no better way to entertain your senior loved one than by heading outside and soaking up some vitamin D. There are many outdoor activities we at Freedom Home Care think they will love! To name a few, going on a walk, fishing, having a BBQ, and visiting local parks
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4 Easy Ways to Stay Connected to Your Senior Loved Ones During COVID-19

The world is an unusual and scary place with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. However, it is times like these that we remember what is truly important in life. Truly important things are the people in our lives, the friends, family, and other loved ones that we care so much about. However, many of us are cut off physically from those loved ones during this pandemic. That does not mean that we can’t stay in touch. We can still interact with those we love, even our senior loved ones. 4 ways to stay connected during COVID-19 Call Often – Many
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