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Staying Active in Your Golden Years

  Staying fit is easier as we age when we make it a lifestyle choice. When exercise is a part of your senior’s everyday routine, not only do they develop the habit of working out, they’re much less likely to stop or interrupt it when it becomes a habit. But how do you help your loved one begin a fitness regimen, especially when they’re experiencing the aches and pains associated with arthritis and other conditions that affect health and mobility? FHC suggests consulting a doctor before beginning any work out plan.  A brisk walk might be a good starting point
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How to be a Good Caregiver and Take Care of Yourself

The demands of a caregiver are often times greater than we realize when we start out. Not only are you meeting the needs of someone else by providing home care services like preparing a care plan, evaluating medical needs, monitoring medication, preparing meals, and providing transportation – you’re also in charge of taking care of yourself. But many times, those who care for other often forget to help themselves. And one of the first rules of caregiving is that those in your care benefit most when you’re at your best. Providing personalized elder care for a loved one, like a
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Care Tips for Keeping Track of Medications

The number of older Americans taking prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medication is expected to rise significantly within the next few years. The food and Drug Administration reports that seniors purchase more than 30 percent of all prescription medication in the U.S; and the same age group also purchases over 40 percent of over-the-counter medications. Statistics show that about 90 percent of seniors take some form of medication – many of whom consume four to five different types each day. With the increase in consumption of medication, it’s now more important than ever for seniors to keep track of what they
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