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Celebrating the seniors in our lives

The reason that we here at Freedom Home Care started blogging was to help the seniors in our lives live comfortably and happy. Our goal was always to offer any advice that we could to help make healthy living a possibility. From time to time, we also try to highlight the successful seniors in this world who are doing stupendous things. We’ve written about all sorts of famous seniors citizens from 70-year-old Olympians to Academy Award winning actors. What we realized, however, is that we don’t get to spend enough time celebrating the elderly loved ones in all our lives.
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Let Freedom Home Care help during your next out-patient procedure

No matter a person’s age, surgery can truly take a toll. But for older individuals, recovery can be even more difficult, which is why many out-patient procedures are a good choice for seniors. Because they do not require an overnight stay in a hospital and because they are often more affordable, many seniors are relieved when an out-patient procedure is an option. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is simple. Often times, there are pre-procedure plans that must be implemented properly – and independently – by a patient. Travel to and from the appointment can sometimes be a
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5 tips to downsize, de-clutter and de-complicate life

Yesterday, the folks here at Freedom Home Care put the aging loved ones in our lives in a downsizing frame of mind. We highlighted a Wall Street Journal editor who is gung ho for de-cluttering and de-complicating her life. By freeing oneself of an oversized residence, elderly individuals can take back their free time and enjoy retirement all that much more. And while we admitted in our post that moving into a smaller space is easier said that done, we also promised that we would provide a few tips to make the transition a smooth one. To carry out that
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