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Celebrating the seniors in our lives

The reason that we here at Freedom Home Care started blogging was to help the seniors in our lives live comfortably and happy. Our goal was always to offer any advice that we could to help make healthy living a possibility. From time to time, we also try to highlight the successful seniors in this world who are doing stupendous things. We’ve written about all sorts of famous seniors citizens from 70-year-old Olympians to Academy Award winning actors. What we realized, however, is that we don’t get to spend enough time celebrating the elderly loved ones in all our lives.
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Taking a Social Security snapshot of Illinois

AARP has been providing the nation with resources related to its aging population since 1958. Since then, it has been a first stop for those over 65 wishing to improve their health, financial status or general way of life. In addition to providing articles and advice, the organization also produces a wealth of statistics that can offer senior citizens a better of idea of what the larger aging community is experiencing. In that regard, we here at Freedom Home Care are dedicating today’s blog to Social Security at the Illinois state level, care of AARP. 2012 Social Security Quick Facts
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Taking a bite out of health care costs – after Election Day

Rising health care costs are a concern for most Americans. And it’s especially true for senior citizens. With Election Day at our backs, however, the nation can again begin to address the issues that were seemingly put on hold while the candidates were on the campaign trail. In an article published today on the Crain’s Chicago Business website, editor Andrew L. Wang opened up the discussion of what the future may have in store for health care affordability. “Few expect major changes to the law’s fundamental pillars — the individual mandate, which requires most individuals to have health insurance, and
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