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Sleeping your way to 100

The next time you hear the ridiculous phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” you may want to let the individual know that their chances of reaching age 100 could be slim as long as a good night’s sleep isn’t part of the equation. According to a Wall Street Journal article, extra sleep and a healthy diet equate to a longer life lived. The primary findings of a United Healthcare study that looked at centenarians and baby boomers and the possibility of reaching the age of 100 revealed that “many boomers are embracing lifestyles that could lead to a long and rewarding
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More Than Tired: A look at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

We all experience exhaustion at times in our lives, and usually, a few good nights’ sleep and some self-care can get us back on track.  Occasionally, fatigue becomes chronic and other intervention is in order.  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a relatively new condition, having only been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control since 1988. According to the US Department of Health and Services Office on Women’s Health, experts say that one million people currently suffer from the condition, although fewer than 20 percent of these cases have been diagnosed.  Women are four times more likely to have disease,
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