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Spring Activities for Seniors

Help Get Seniors Active This Spring Cold weather temperatures have kept many seniors confined to their apartments or homes this winter. We all know how important it is for older loved ones to take the proper precautions when traveling, especially when the potential for slips and falls is the greatest on icy sidewalks and roads. But now that spring has sprung and warmer temperatures abound, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine that comes along with more favorable outdoor conditions even if you are already taking advantage of alternative therapy options. Here are a
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Keep allergies at bay before the spring season arrives

In a recent article published by US News, editors explained that it’s easier to prevent allergic symptoms before they arrive. The task will be incredibly more successful than trying to stop them once they’re in full swing. In addition to taking medication designed to relieve allergy’s side effects, the editors suggested the following measures: Limiting outdoor activities when pollen counts are high. Leaving windows closed at home or in the car to keep pollen out. online Installing and using your air conditioner early, to filter the outside air that comes into your home. Washing your hair after being outside. Avoiding
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Study shows benefits of brisk walks for stroke survivors

This Sunday at 2:00 a.m., American will set their clocks forward, serving as a reminder that spring is on its way. And with warmer weather right around the corner, taking in the outdoors will be so much easier. According to a recent study, taking brisk walks can be incredibly beneficial for those who have suffered from a stroke. It can “improve their physical fitness, enjoy a better quality of life, and increase their mobility,” say the editors of The study was carried out in Jamaica at the University of the West Indies. More than 120 stroke survivors participated with
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