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Three steps to “catch yourself” before falling

The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence at the University of Southern California is one of the top authorities on falls in the elderly population. The group spends their efforts helping those at risk to avoid falls of any kind. Therefore, they target those who are suffering from muscle weakness, arthritis, a history of falling, depression, difficulty balancing or walking, difficulty thinking or vision problems as well as those who take multiple medications. According to the group’s “Catch Yourself: Simple Steps to Prevent Falls” brochure, the following suggestions should help you or aging loved ones stay on their own two feet:
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Let Freedom Home Care help during your next out-patient procedure

No matter a person’s age, surgery can truly take a toll. But for older individuals, recovery can be even more difficult, which is why many out-patient procedures are a good choice for seniors. Because they do not require an overnight stay in a hospital and because they are often more affordable, many seniors are relieved when an out-patient procedure is an option. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the process is simple. Often times, there are pre-procedure plans that must be implemented properly – and independently – by a patient. Travel to and from the appointment can sometimes be a
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Freedom Home Care opens the doors to its new Wellness Center

It has been about one month since Freedom Home Care established its first Wellness Center located at The Homestead at Morton Grove. And since the Nov. 5th grand opening, residents have had the opportunity to experience healthcare with a holistic approach. “Our new Wellness Center is a great place for residents and their family members to come in and get their questions answered, as well as obtain help with the challenges of daily living,” said Jacqueline Lotzof, director of business development at Freedom Home Care. As we reported in previous blog posts this month, the new Wellness Center has already hosted
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