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Learning About Skin Care with Real Skin Studio

We recently sat down with Ali Spatz of Real Skin Studio to learn more about their company and to get expert advice on how to protect your skin, especially in the summer months.   About Real Skin Studio Real Skin Studio is another business located in downtown Highland Park, in the Sola Salon Studios. They offer a wide variety of customized spa facials and clinical treatments. No matter what type of treatment, Ali is a results driven skin care practitioner. She specializes in anti-aging, acne and pigmentation treatments.   Protect Your Skin from Summer Sun The weather is starting to
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Hydrate This Summer with Fruit Infused Water

Getting Creative with Summer Hydration The summer is just starting to heat up so it’s important to hydrate now more than ever. A fun way to remember to hydrate is by making fruit infused water. While the delicious flavor and fun colors and combinations may seem like the only reason to drink fruit infused water, there are actually tangible health benefits associated with it. Set aside the juice, soda, and sugary drinks and grab a refreshing glass of fruit infused water!   What’s the deal with Fruit Infused Water? Water infused with fresh citrus fruits, vegetables, and herbs is also
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Dangers of the Summer Sun on Elderly, and How to Protect Yourself from It

Summer is a time that many people look forward to all year long thanks to its warmth, sunshine, and activities that follow. While it is fun in the sun, the sun can lead to some serious health issues that are dangerous to elders. At Freedom Home Care, we want to inform you all about the dangers of sun and provide ways how you and your loved ones can enjoy the summer, while staying safe. Find out below! Hotter months like July and August can cause thousands of heat-related illnesses where seniors are among the most vulnerable. One of the main
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