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Heart Healthy Foods That Help Your Cardiac Diet

Following a heart healthy or cardiac diet can benefit everyone- even those who do not have heart disease. Heart healthy foods are foods that have a lot of nutrients and avoid sodium and large quantities of sugar. At Freedom Home Care, we have put together a list of these foods to incorporate into your everyday diet.   When you incorporate these foods into your lifestyle, you are fueling your body with everything it needs to stay as healthy as possible and improve your overall health. These foods can help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and will
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A Good Breakfast for Senior Citizens

Are you running out of breakfast ideas for your loved ones to stay healthy and have energy throughout the day? Starting out the day with a nutritious and healthy breakfast might help prevent health conditions for your loved one. Luckily for you, we at Freedom Home Care, your home care agency, have some ideas for you!   When asking around, we found that the most difficult part about eating healthy, especially for elders, is all the planning that goes into it. Our first tip for you is to plan out what your loved one is going to eat for the
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The Fatty Liver Diet

Did you know that eating the wrong foods can cause just as much damage to your body as alcohol? That’s right! Eating the wrong foods can increase the amount of fat that is stored in your liver.   The result of too much fat being stored in the liver is inflammation, scarring or even permanent liver damage. People living with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) should stick to a strict diet, which is detailed below.   Foods to avoid Sugar. People living with NAFLD should limit the amount of sugar in their diet. This is because excess sugar in the
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