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Meet The Clients: Robert Jones

Robert Jones is a very prolific and talented client of ours! We recently got to sit down with him and hear his life story, which was fascinating. An Entertainer It turns out that Robert is a bit of a local celebrity! He was the original Ronald McDonald of Illinois. He loves bringing smiles to the faces of children. Robert’s general advice to younger people is to “follow your bliss”. He wants everyone to follow their dreams and find their happiness. A Writer Robert is an author who started writing when he was 12 years old. He was published in multiple
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Meet The Clients: Mr. Rosenberg

Recently, we got to visit another of our clients, Richard Rosenberg. We were astonished to see his collection and hobby that he’s had his entire life. Mr. Rosenberg worked as a pharmacist but his real passion lied with trains. It began when he was young and his father who worked for the railroad company got him into the hobby. Richard’s current collection has been over 37 years in the making. His newest track that covers the whole basement has been a 10 year project. Most of it took a year and a half and he has been adding to it
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Meet The Clients: Jacques E Chevalier

Back on St. Patrick’s day we were able to visit Jacques E Chevalier, one of our long time clients. He is 95 years old and one of the most sincere and caring people we have ever met. He talked about how much Freedom Home Care has helped him to be taken care of or to simply smile. According to him, Freedom Home Care is so amazing because of the individuals within. The people are why it has been such a pleasant experience for him.                 Jacques told us some fascinating events from his
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