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FHC makes yoga accessible to patients for better posture and balance

Because we here at Freedom Home Care understand the importance of balance and posture for seniors, we have been hosting a weekly chair yoga class at the Homestead at Morton Grove. Each week, one of our RNs, who is also a licensed massage therapist, has led the class. And each week, residents have expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s most popular ways to increase balance, flexibility and circulation and improve posture and overall health. To learn more about the yoga classes, contact Freedom Home Care or the folks at the Homestead at Morton Grove. In
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Freedom Home Care, Conney’s Pharmacy host flu shot clinic

Some individuals might think that it’s too late to get a flu shot, but according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s still plenty of time. Flu shots can be beneficial even after the holiday season is over. And they’re incredibly important for those over the age of 65. Freedom Home Care understands the health benefits that come from getting flu vaccinations every year, which is why we partnered with Conney’s Pharmacy in Winnetka, Ill., to host a flu shot clinic this week at the Homestead at Morton Grove. For anyone who may have missed the clinic,
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