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Internet Helps Caregivers Become Experts

With the elderly living longer and savings depleted by a bad economy, an ever-increasing number of adults are caring for...
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Freedom Home Care Press Releases Senior Care

Freedom Home Care Listed as One of Illinois' Best Providers of Home Health Care Services

Freedom Home Care is a Highland-Park based home care agency that provides patients with in-home care. Freedom Home Care focus...
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Healthy Living Senior Care

Doctors Improve Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopy. When most people hear the word, they think about drinking a terrible tasting liquid and then spending the rest...
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Alzheimer's Disease dementia care Exercise

Online Tool Created to Help Manage Dementia

Family caregivers to seniors with dementia often feel overwhelmed.  Although memory loss and cognitive problems are most commonly associated with...
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Alzheimer's Disease

Dementia Patients Benefit from Using Imaginations

Imagination is powerful, but can it actually improve some people’s quality of life? That’s what TimeSlips’ founder, Anne Basting, asked...
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anti-aging Healthy Living nutrition

Becoming a Super-Ager

Could you be a super-ager? A “super-ager” is someone who at 80 has the brain size and memory performance of...
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Exercise Healthy Living Senior Care

Avoiding a Healthcare Crisis

As more baby boomers pass 65, a healthcare crisis is beginning to appear.  With medical advancements, seniors today will be...
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Take Caution with Artificial Sweeteners

It appears that yet another artificial sweetener has been deemed bad for you.  The Center for Science in the Public...
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Freedom Home Care home care

Study Find Seniors Living with Children Unhappy

Today many grandparents are living with their children and grandchildren.  Is this trend good for the happiness of the senior? ...
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Exercise Fun Healthy Living technology

Seniors Star in New Video Game

One of the biggest fears of a senior is falling and getting injured.  One video game company saw this problem...
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Medicare Senior Care

Doctors Come Together with 'Accountable Care Organization'

If you or someone close to you has multiple health problems, you know how frustrating it can be when doctors...
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Healthy Living News Senior Care

Study Finds High Blood Pressure Linked to Cognitive Decline

An estimated 67 million American adults have high blood pressure – that is a third of the adult population!  We...
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Senior Care

Talk with Your Parent About Driving

Has your elderly parent had a few auto accidents lately?  Perhaps a new medical condition has you concerned that they...
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How to Reduce Medication Errors

Nearly a quarter of all seniors make a mistake with their medications.  That mistake can be very serious if it...
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Healthy Living

Healthy Living One Day at a Time  

Want to lead a healthier life but just don’t know where to begin?  Dedicate one day to well-being and see...
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Healthy Living nutrition

Eating Oranges Boosts Health

Last month we talked about the benefits of eating green. Now here are some advantages of eating orange! Not only are oranges...
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Con Artists Target Seniors

You've just won $25,000!  Just send $200 and buy a worthless trinket.  It’s all worth it for the prize, right?...
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Exercise Healthy Living

4 Tips on Getting Better Sleep

Have you had too many nights when you are awake at 3 a.m., staring at your ceiling fan?  Well, you’re not...
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Alzheimer's Disease

After the Dreaded Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

When the doctor says that fateful word, “Alzheimer’s”, it can be devastating not only to the patient but also to...
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home care Senior Care

Think about Your Future

As the senior population in the United States reaches 25% of the total population, we are seeing more seniors who...
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