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Senior Care

Talk with Your Parent About Driving

Has your elderly parent had a few auto accidents lately?  Perhaps a new medical condition has you concerned that they...
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How to Reduce Medication Errors

Nearly a quarter of all seniors make a mistake with their medications.  That mistake can be very serious if it...
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Healthy Living

Healthy Living One Day at a Time  

Want to lead a healthier life but just don’t know where to begin?  Dedicate one day to well-being and see...
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Healthy Living nutrition

Eating Oranges Boosts Health

Last month we talked about the benefits of eating green. Now here are some advantages of eating orange! Not only are oranges...
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Con Artists Target Seniors

You've just won $25,000!  Just send $200 and buy a worthless trinket.  It’s all worth it for the prize, right?...
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Exercise Healthy Living

4 Tips on Getting Better Sleep

Have you had too many nights when you are awake at 3 a.m., staring at your ceiling fan?  Well, you’re not...
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Alzheimer's Disease

After the Dreaded Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

When the doctor says that fateful word, “Alzheimer’s”, it can be devastating not only to the patient but also to...
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home care Senior Care

Think about Your Future

As the senior population in the United States reaches 25% of the total population, we are seeing more seniors who...
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Alzheimer's Disease Exercise Healthy Living

Food for Thought…and Memory

Many seniors are reading and doing crossword puzzles to fight off Alzheimer’s disease.  But is it enough?  A recent study...
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Freedom Home Care home care Senior Care

Key to Good Senior Care is Planning

Are you providing senior care to a loved one?  You are not alone. Today, there are nearly 67 million people in America...
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Special Nutrients to Boost Eye Health

Age-related macular degeneration the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in seniors.  This condition gradually destroys the part of...
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home care medication

Electrodes Decrease Difficulty Swallowing

Have you noticed your elderly parent choking on her food a bit more than usual?  Have they been having trouble...
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Fun Senior Care

Pets Help Seniors Stay Healthy

May was National Pet Month, a time to celebrate the faithful dogs and the people who care for them.  Anyone...
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Senior Care

The Long Term Effects of Seniors Falling

You most likely have heard this story before: a senior has a bad fall and gets injured.  But instead of...
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stroke prevention

Think FAST to Identify Stroke Symptoms

With an estimated 795,000 people having had a stroke last year, this condition is one of the biggest concerns for...
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Freedom Home Care home care

Being a Caregiver is a Heavy Burden

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging.  It is rewarding to be able to care for someone that...
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VideoCare Keeps Seniors Connected

Isolation can be dangerous.  A senior who feels alone can become depressed and it can even begin to affect his...
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Medicare News Senior Care

Seniors Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Confused about the Affordable Care Act?  Join the majority of Americans. President Obama signed the healthcare reform law three years...
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dementia care Healthy Living

Fight the Risk of Dementia

The risk of dementia can be worrisome, not only for the senior but also for the family members caring for...
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Retirement Can Be Expensive

When saving for retirement, many grossly underestimate the amount they will need for medical expenses.  If a senior is planning...
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