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Considering a pet for your aging loved one

In the article “Our Pets, Our Health,” published by the Pet Information Bureau in Washington, D.C., editors explained the mental health benefits that can come from having a cat or dog in the home. And although there is some work associated with keeping a pet,...

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10 questions to ask your healthcare provider about prescription medication

In a recent Freedom Home Care blog, we posted a video from the UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center that covered the importance of understanding the side effects of prescription medication. No matter the drug – be it synthetic or natural – there is always...

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What is a geriatrician and how do I know if one is needed?

For senior citizens or anyone caring for an older individual, many of the signs of aging can be quite obvious. The ways to deal with those signs, however, might not be as clear. Whether it be depression, incontinence, arthritis or an increase in falls,...

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Alzheimer’s – 10 ways to detect it on its onset

In a recent blog post here at Freedom Home Care we reported that more than 5 million Americans age 65 and older are thought to have Alzheimer’s disease and that one person in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease approximately every 69 seconds....

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Preventing the unforeseeable through the Affordable Care Act

Before the weather turns cool and the fall season makes its official appearance, people are already talking about flu vaccinations. And it's no surprise, considering that changing temperatures can serve as breeding grounds for a whole host of illnesses. But thanks to the Affordable...

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How technology is shaping the field of health care

In today’s technology age, there are so many new advancements and services to tune into. Driving a car is made easier with the help of navigation systems and voice-activated controls. Getting in touch with loved ones who live out of state is made all...

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