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Medicare – Is it time for a personal change?

As we here at Freedom Home Care outlined in a recent blog post, there are several different facets surrounding Medicare and what it can offer an individual. Additionally, individuals’ needs are prone to change and with it, so should their Medicare coverage. According to...

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Taking a bite out of health care costs – after Election Day

Rising health care costs are a concern for most Americans. And it’s especially true for senior citizens. With Election Day at our backs, however, the nation can again begin to address the issues that were seemingly put on hold while the candidates were on...

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Understanding how dementia differs from Alzheimer’s

As people get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember things. For most elderly individuals, it is an unfortunate fact of aging. In recent years, the term senility, which once referred to difficulties with cognizance, has now been replaced with the term dementia. The...

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Early warning signs that your aging loved one needs help at home

As the people important to us most begin to grow older, we witness many changes in their appearance, behavior and health. Some of these changes are the natural signs of aging while others should be considered signals that help might be needed in the...

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Knowing when it’s time to take the keys away from aging parents

As the elderly loved ones in our lives get older, it pains us nearly as much as it pains them to watch as they slowly lose their independence. And losing the privilege to drive is one of the most prominent and difficult-to-accept signs of...

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Freedom Home Care to sponsor First Class Care training program

Freedom Home Care is happy to announce that it will sponsor First Class Care’s in-house training program, the First Class Care Academy. First Class Care, a full-service domestic placement agency in Illinois, helps families throughout the state find top-notch nannies, newborn care specialists, babysitters,...

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