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Can Limiting Calories Extend Your Life?

It sounds simple enough:  severely limit your caloric intake and you will live longer.  But does it work? Scientists decided to test this theory that has been touted by health experts for years to see if they had really found a “longevity diet”.  Using...

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3 Ways To Overcome Social Isolation

As more baby boomers enter their senior years, they are beginning to make choices as to how they want to live.  Many seniors choose to remain at home to maintain independence, but social isolation can become an unintended side effect.  Here are some ways...

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3 Reasons to Dance The Night Away

Do you love to dance?  Are you a whiz at disco?  Are your jazz moves legendary?  If so, you’re on your way to some healthy senior years. Everyone knows that physical activity is essential for a healthy life, but it seems that dancing has...

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Would You Live Forever?

With science and technology advancing every day, it’s not hard to think that in fifty years from now people may be living well into their hundredth years.  According to a survey, many people think that in less than 40 years the average life expectancy...

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Can Chocolate Boost Your Brain Power?

After always hearing about how foods like spinach and avocados are great for your health, it’s fun to think about a chocolate treat as a brain boosting food.  Consistently, chocolate has shown to increase brain and heart health – buy why? Scientists have been...

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