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Simple Senior Home Repairs

Many seniors want to remain at home and maintain their independence.  However, if the senior’s home is in need of repair, it can become dangerous. Simple repairs and renovations can be made to better accommodate the senior.  Here are some simple home repairs to...

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Functional Fitness for Seniors

According to seniorjournal.com, many gyms are jumping on a new trend:  functional fitness for seniors.  Functional fitness focuses on endurance, core strength, flexibility, and balance – all essential for seniors to keep up with their activities of daily living.  The fitness centers usually offer these trainer-run...

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Doctors Improve Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopy. When most people hear the word, they think about drinking a terrible tasting liquid and then spending the rest of the evening in the restroom. The preparation for the procedure is most definitely the majority’s least favorite part. However, colonoscopies are a necessary...

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Take Caution with Artificial Sweeteners

It appears that yet another artificial sweetener has been deemed bad for you.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest has raised the safety rating of Splenda from “safe” to “caution” after a concerning study done in Italy. Scientists in Italy recently researched...

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