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How to Choose the Best Doctor for You

A good relationship with your doctor is essential.  The difference between a bad doctor and a great doctor could be the difference in your level of health. Here are some guidelines you can use to find the best primary care physician for you: Do...

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Dogs Monitor Owners’ Blood Sugar

Dogs have long been used to help the blind, the physical and psychological disabled, the hearing impaired, and even the allergic navigate their surroundings safely.  Now, we can add “diabetics” to that list. Service dogs are being trained to detect if their owner’s blood...

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Broccoli Boasts Big Benefits

Not only is broccoli delicious in everything from soups to side dishes, it is incredibly healthy for you too.  Packed with nutrients and low in calories, it is one of the most tastiest and easiest-to-prepare super foods.  Here are a few things that you...

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Are You a Super Ager?

Do you have a brain that puts you in the pristine category of Super Ager?  If so, Northwestern University is looking for you!  They are going to begin researching exactly what makes a super ager so, well, super.  They will be doing brain scans,...

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3 Things That All Seniors Want

What do seniors really want?  That is a question many people are trying to answer.  As baby boomers are becoming older we are seeing a new kind of senior emerging in the population.  Gone are the days of spending all day playing bingo and...

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