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4 Tips to Make a Senior-Friendly Garden

Gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities.  For many, it can be relaxing, grounding, and emotionally fulfilling.  However, some seniors may feel that they have to give up their favorite hobby as they become less able to tend their garden.  Here are...

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If You Can Point, You Can Surf

From Facebook to email, from dot com to hashtag, the Internet can be an intimidating place for seniors.  But with advent of tablets, seniors can surf the web without as much trepidation.  Lend them your iPad or Kindle and point them to these websites...

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Three Common Myths about Dehydration

Summer is the time of sunshine, fun outside, and barbecues.  It is also the most common time of dehydration.  Here are some myths surrounding dehydration. “I’ll know if I’m dehydrated.” Many people think that the main symptom of dehydration is thirst, so they will...

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